IT Specialist

Dev/Sec/Sys/Op since 2002

Curiosity and a broad knowledge when it comes to tinkering.

About me

I've been in the IT industry since 2002, where i started out as a System administrator who was responsible for pretty much anything involving a computer such as: Advertising, CAD, Network, Windows/Linux and so on.

As a person i've always been fond of picking things apart and figuring out how they work, which is why the IT Industry suited me quite well.

For the past couple years (10+) i've been leaning more towards the infosec field and security research. Much of my sparetime goes to learning new tricks, both how to attack targets and also how to harden/protect from such attacks.

CTF is also something I really enjoy playing on platforms like "Hack The Box", "TryHackMe" and "Vulnhub". Whenever I have the time/chance i also try to attend various competitions.

And those few times when i actually have some "sparetime" for hobbies and such, i really enjoy cooking things from scratch or make delicious cocktails.


Some current, some old

These are some of the certifications i've taken, see LinkedIn for more information:

  • TryHackMe: Throwback

    TryHackMe Throwback

  • HTB: Dante

    Hack The Box Dante

  • ACE

    Palo Alto Accredited Configuration Engineer

  • OSCP

    Offensive Security Certified Professional

  • CISK

    Certifierad Informationssäkerhetskonsult


    Red Hat Certified System Administrator

  • CCNA

    Cisco Certified Network Associate

  • CCNA-Security

    Cisco Certified Network Associate Security

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